We made planning your outdoor event just as easy as planning
an indoor event

Hillside Events is build on the partnership of Hometown Elegance Event Catering & Productions and the Grand Hotel. Hillside Events provides you the experience of an outdoor event without all the hassle of figuring out how to make that a reality with the convenience of hotel accommodations at the same property. We can't wait for you to experience the one of a kind views that Hillside Events can provide you with the world class service from our team at Hometown Elegance.  

The View Speaks For Itself

 The view from Hillside Events is second to none. With the only panoramic view of our community, Hillside offers you the opportunity to create a hassle free event of from the edge of North Hill

Frequently asked questions

  • How many guests can I have at my event at Hillside Events?
    Hillside Events will fit 200 guests under the tent. 
  • How late can my event run at night?
    Due to noise ordinance requirements, all music must be turned off at 11 PM sharp. We are working with regulators to see if this can be extended
  • Am I required to have security at my event?
    All events that have alcohol must hire 1 off duty police officer per 100 guests. 
  • Can I hire any creative partner I want to service my event?
    All creative partners must be licensed with the state of North Dakota to conduct business here and must provide us with proof of liability insurance. There are no exceptions to this rule. 
  • What about event insurance in case of extreme weather?
    All rentals must purchase and provide proof of purchase of single day event insurance. Due to the nature of our facility, extreme weather is something we are aware of. Insurance providers such as wedsafe and other can provide you the protections you need. 
  • Since Hillside Events is a tent structure, can I tape or glue things to the walls? 
    No. Nothing may be adhered to any part of the tent without prior authorization from the Hometown Elegance. Should anything need to be hung, our team will assist with properly doing so. 
  • Can I bring my own food in? 
    All food must be provided by Hometown Elegance Event Catering & Productions. No outside food is permitted other than baked goods which must come from a licensed and inspected facility. 
  • Are there any rules on alcohol? 
    We do not allow shots to be served on the Hillside Events property. All alcohol must be provided by the Grand Hotel as per the laws governing the consumption of alcohol. No alcohol may be brought in from the parking lot. Doing so will result in the immediate closure of the event. Off duty patrol officers will monitor the parking area for evidence of public consumption. 
  • Is this safe for kids?
    Yes. The area is safe for supervised kids. No kids under the age of 10 are permitted to be on site after the sun goes down. It is the responsibility of the renters and their guests to monitor their kids at all times when on the property. 

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